Medical Technology Stock Letter

For more than 30 years, the Medical Technology Stock Letter (MTSL) has provided independent investment advice based on rigorous analysis of emerging biotechnology companies and a unique perspective on industry fundamentals. MTSL has a proven track record of identifying many of today’s industry leaders well before the consensus of other analysts. The Letter also offers detailed information in layman’s terms to allow the subscriber to make timely, educated investment decisions.

As editor and writer of MTSL, John McCamant has been one of the industry’s leading commentators. In 2013, renowned Wall Street analyst Jay Silverman joined the Letter as a Partner. Jay is a savvy research analyst and an astute biotech stock picker. With more than 25 years of equity research and operational experience, Jay is a valuable addition to MTSL.

In addition to our redesigned and enhanced website — — the Medical Technology Stock Letter now provides more timely updates, white papers and breaking news than before. We offer fresh perspectives on medical trends from guest contributors and a new focus on diversification and risk management strategies to help investors profit from today’s market volatility. Our philosophy of buying carefully selected biotech stocks at attractive prices and holding them for the long-term hasn’t changed. What has changed is our ability to make the Medical Technology Stock Letter a more valuable tool for today’s discerning investor.



CY 2017 29.3% 19.9% 65.6% 98.9%
CY 2016 7.5% 9.5% -29.6% -30.5%
CY 2015 -0.1% -0.1% 25.1% 27.9%
CY 2014 13.4% 11.4% 29.2% 45.0%
CY 2013 38.3% 29.6% 103.4% 214.7%
CY 2012 13.4% 15.9% 25.7% 68.7%

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